Why should you learn to teach pre and postnatal yoga?

Because 85% of women WILL have a baby in their lifetime → and they NEED yoga.

With more than 300 million yoga practitioners worldwide (and growing) adding one more offering helps you to appeal to even more of the yoga population.

MOGA® class is THE yoga class for pregnant and postpartum women around the world. 

MOGA® Prenatal and Mom & Baby yoga class is a place where moms feel supported and connected. With proven sequences and well educated yoga teachers, moms know they can trust a MOGA® class.





The MOGA® Program will leave you confident and ready to start running successful MOGA® classes for moms in your community… IMMEDIATELY!

Whether you learn in person or online, you will receive the specialized training you need to serve pregnant and postpartum women around the world. Most importantly you will have the support and knowledge we provide for building successful businesses with on point marketing plans.

Start teaching prenatal and mom & baby yoga! Stand out, create community and build a career doing what you love - with our support every step of the way.



Your program is led by experienced Pre- and Postnatal Yoga, Fitness and Health experts.

Featured teachers include:

⭐ Hannah Day, MOGA® Co-Founder and RPYT®

Dr Amanda Stevens (DC MS(ACN) BS(KIN)

Melissa Dessaulles, Physiotherapist (BSCPT, BSCKIN)

Anne-Marie Cayer, Registered Midwife

Kris Loewen, Birth & Postpartum Doula, BCRPA fitness and yoga Certified Instructor.

Each of your MOGA® teachers has been picked for their extensive knowledge and teaching ability. Our Teachers will make sure you finish your training prepared to succeed as a MOGA® Instructor.


Train In Your Home, At Your Own Pace

Life is busy and the world is moving online - we're moving with it. The MOGA® program is available online so you can do them in your own home, at your own pace. If you like to learn in person, we offer exclusive in person training options every year.


...It’s time to make yoga accessible for moms.

...It's time to make money doing something you love.

...It's time to take your business to the next level.

Whether you're already an experienced Yoga Teacher or just get started, now is the time for MOGA®.

Designed for flexibility and high reward, the MOGA® program makes it easy to set your own schedule and teach as many (or as few) classes as you want.



Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga Teacher Training Program

This program will teach you everything you need to know to become a MOGA® Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga Instructor. Learn the sequences, precautions, how to integrate baby and more! You'll also receive everything you need to get your class off the ground as soon as you want. Learn the sequences, precautions, how to integrate baby and more! 




Get the education you need to run prenatal and mom & baby yoga classes.
Your MOGA® Mom & Baby instructor program counts for 25 hours of Yoga Alliance Accredited education. Your MOGA® Prenatal instructor program counts for 40 hours of Yoga Alliance Accredited education. Together, 65 hours of Yoga Alliance Accredited education.


Start teaching right away with our 8 signature pre- & postnatal MOGA® sequences. Or, if you're feeling creative, write your own using our template and list of approved poses with specific modifications for pregnancy and postpartum. 

Business Tools

Immediate access to templates, waivers, pricing guidelines, marketing plans, promotional materials, social media photos and more. Top that with business training videos and you'll take your offerings live in NO time.

MOGA® License

Moms like a name they can trust which is why MOGA® Instructors are finding success teaching moms across the world. With your trademarked license you can begin teaching your very own MOGA® classes right away. 


✔️ Successfully fill classes with a step by step marketing process and already made materials

✔️ Get started right away using ready made sequences

✔️ Feel confident pitching your offerings to studios with our templates and support to guide you 

✔️ Feel supported every step of the way with our online support network and monthly coaching calls


"The MOGA training gave me everything I needed to teach a Mom and Baby class from scratch! The outline is easy to follow, the videos are split up into manageable modules, and the PDF forms follow along well. I feel prepared to start teaching moms and their babes! "

Sara Kvist
Squamish, BC

"I absolutely loved the training videos, manual and tips. Very user-friendly training."

Lipton, SK

"I loved the training and think it was the perfect amount of info and guidance. "

Kelowna, BC

"Hannah and the rest of the MOGA team provide not only extensive and loving support along this journey- they have a well thought out program supported by experienced yogis with a medical and health care background.  MOGA also offers you online coaching in a variety of topics from tips on sequencing to creating a business plan."


"I took the course while I was 9 months pregnant and low on energy, but I found it to be so interesting that I was captivated from beginning to end. It was super convenient to be able to complete the course online, at my own pace, and on my schedule. Hannah Day, Kris Loewen, and Melissa Dessaulles were all extremely enlightening and engaging. The course left me feeling excited to begin teaching Mom and Baby Yoga, and feeling confident in my abilities and newly gained knowledge. Moga provides a great support system to their instructors, and encourages them to continue growing and evolving in their practice, teachings, and educations. I am so grateful to the Moga Team for the awesome course, and for the inspiration they have given me moving forward in my yoga career."

Kelowna, BC

"As a new mom, taking on yoga teacher training seemed out of the question in terms of time. However, MOGA has created an easy to use, thorough, and accessible online teacher training program for Mom and Baby Yoga that can be completed on your own time. The training is thorough and allows for you to get a clear understanding of the MOGA values, and class structuring while giving space to apply your own spin on your class. An added bonus are the modules focusing on postnatal anatomy and pelvic floor health to truly round out your ability to support the new moms in your class. As a new mom, MOGA Mom and Baby Yoga Teacher Training has given me an outlet to keep challenging myself while keeping my son the priority. "

Kelowna, BC

"As a new mom taking the course at home with my baby was the best thing we could have chosen to do in our first couple months together. MOGA online was so informative and explained many things with the body anatomy that I was currently experiencing which helped in understanding how gentle we need to be with our bodies after giving birth. My baby and I loved going through the sequencing together - she loved watching me breathe, make noises and move! Thank you MOGA Online for providing me with the tools to guide other moms and babies through a wonderful yoga flow together in our community."

Kelowna, BC

"I absolutely LOVED the online Mom and Baby Yoga training! MOGA offered great information regarding postpartum and the variety of things that women go through and deal with after having a baby. They also gave a ton of helpful tips and examples that made me feel that much more confident teaching a mom and baby class. A huge bonus of this online course was that I was able to complete this course while I traveled to Portugal!"

Jessica Sage
Kamloops, BC


Important FAQs about becoming a MOGA® Instructor!

No, there are no pre-requisities to take the training. Many people take it simply for self development. However, If you'd like to teach MOGA® branded classes, you must have training in teaching Yoga or Fitness Classes or be a health professional with relevant training such as an RMT, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor.

After you take either training, you will feel ready and confident to teach this specific demographic.  One prepares you to teach yoga to new moms and their babies and the other prepares you to teach yoga to expecting moms in all trimesters. 

Yes! You can register this training with Yoga Alliance and be credited continuing education hours. You will find both of our world class trainings very thorough and you have the videos to re-watch, should you need a refresher. 

This is the fun part; you get to start creating community and income! You will be a Certified MOGA® Instructor able to start teaching right away. Not to worry if you feel unsure, we will be there to support you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

Each program includes monthly coaching calls for both teaching and business troubleshooting, an online support group of like minded teachers and all the business AND marketing materials you need (it's kind of like a business in a box)

We integrate babies in Hatha Yoga postures, with songs, sounds, movements and touch but if your focus is currently only on mom, we encourage you to find a medium that works for you and that your clients love. 

We integrate and help expecting moms to drop into their bodies connecting with baby and their own personal power. Our training is Hatha based and powerful. Moms love MOGA® Prenatal Yoga as part of their preparation for birth and our instructors find moms trust the brand of MOGA® (becomes sold-out quickly).

To use our license and our name (teach MOGA® classes) you must have training in teaching Yoga or Fitness Classes or be a health professional with relevant training such as an RMT, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. If you think you have enough experience outside of what's listed here, please contact us and we will consider it on a case by case basis.


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